I'm ejiek [ˈəlek] and this is my tiny corner of the internet.

Day-to-day life

  • Improving software/hardware development workflows
  • Teaching
  • Sharing ❤️️ for documentation and collaboration in general

Technical stuff

  • In love with Rust
  • “Automate myself out” is the way
  • Absolutely love tinkering with software and hardware
  • Daily drives Archlinux on a PinePhone Pro


Some cultural stuff we might have in common:

Nickname Backstory

Relatively long ago while playing Lineage 2 c4 I've come up with a nickname is EJIEKTPOBEHUK (imitation of Russian ЕЛЕКТРОВЕНИК [ˈəlektro.ˈvʲenʲɪk], where ЕЛЕКТРО means electric, ВЕНИК - type of broom). Somewhat normal transcription is electrovenik.

Venik is made of many thin branches. This makes it look vulnerable coz it's easy to break a thin branch. It's a rather common example of misjudgment. Even though a branch alone is weak, venik consists of several dozens of them. Which makes venik very tough.

Idea was that I'm rather agile, energetic and seen some stuff in the dark corners of the surroundings. Venik's toughness represents persistence in achieving far from low hanging goals.