A photo of Vlad Petrov

Vladislav Petrov

29 years old

Bali, Indonesia

Who is Vladislav Petrov?

Curious, eager to share knowledge, and care about others and myself.

Those three things led me, the developer, out of the world of the green "Run" button, into the world of

  • Caring for the whole product, not a limited scope
  • Taking people over processes
  • Bringing automation close to developers
  • Establishing & Improving communication channels
  • Making all kinds of things more accessible
  • Shifting culture out of blame and into cooperation
  • Streamlining processes & shortening feedback loops

Strong background in software development and Linux administration. Managing IT teams since 2014.

Built upon my success as a Platform Owner to optimize our development department's operations. Got into a role when almost whole core development team left.

  • Managed Development department of over 50 people: 2 Product teams, QA, Python, Node & Core FrontEnd teams
  • Drastically improved observability - by unifying developer experience in Grafana Cloud for logs, metrics, alerts & traces and teaching teams how to use them
  • Successfully launched a new product that was postponed several times before me
  • Hired many excellent developers and a Head of Development (my successor)
  • Reduced amount of incidents by:
    • Initiated migration of front-end and middleware from JavaScript to TypeScript
    • Created a new domain-specific team to separate interactions with Steam from the main business logic
  • Transformed an overburdened couple of operations engineers into a happy, self-sufficient, and growing team, Platform Team.
  • Defined a vision for the platform and created a migration plan for all the development teams
  • Established effective communication channels and practices
  • Transitioned from weekly night meetings to figure out why production is down into rare incidents
  • Defined infrastructure as Code using Pulumi
  • Clarified & unified deployment (GitLab CI + Pulumi) and monitoring practices

Taught two courses to 4th-year students at Institute of Computer Science & Technologies.

Computer Network Technologies. This course focuses on developing software that reliably works with modern networks.

  • Created and conducted a course of laboratory work
  • Wrote and taught a companion course of lectures
  • Developed Infrastructure as Code solution to spin up lab stands for students in Digital Ocean & Linode

Software Development Engineering. This course is dedicated to the processes, workflows, methodologies, tooling, and other aspects surrounding the code-writing part of developer's life.

  • Co-authored the course of lectures
  • Taught it in a dialog podcast manner

Resolved numerous k8s clusters and mesh network issues and championed documentation by indexing and improving existing resources.

  • Integrated the documentation into the Software Development Lifecycle and streamlined the onboarding process for new team members
  • Worked closely with the QA department to make sure that the clusters we were deploying and maintaining were compliant
  • Lead an internal effort to move GitLab project configuration management to an "as Code" solution

Responsible for the whole Software Development Life Circle of multiple products in Industrial Systems for Streaming Data Processing Laboratory. From pre-sales communication with customers to the launch and maintenance.

  • Managed a DevOps team and 3 Development teams
  • Selected, purchased hardware and software and maintained on-prem, edge and cloud infrastructure

Lead development of:

  • Rust Linux kernel module for custom in-memory DB & transport layer network protocol - delivered MVP in less than a month
  • 3 cloud-native applications for AWS
  • Everything in between: Flutter mobile application, Python desktop applications, Video Processing with OpenCV, ML with TensorFlow for Nvidia DGX01 and Jetson

Developing Software for radio signal processing and visualization in C++ and QT.

  • Built the process of development and interaction with the customer as a scrum master
  • Set up and maintained Jenkins based CI/CD
  • Introduced Doxygen to the project and taught colleagues how to use it

Since primary school, I was surprisingly certain that I had to go to Polytechnic University in my city to go deeper into the IT world. Right after school I got myself into Faculty of Technical Cybernetics at Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University.

In front of computer since 2000 starting with MS Dos and Norton Commander on an Intel 286 based machine. Eight years later found out what Linux is and fell in love with it.

Lives in command line.