Blog Crusade

Up to this point, I've hesitated a lot before writing anything here. I've tried to treat every post as something close to absolute truth. The motivation was pure: I've wanted to make it as useful and comprehensible to a reader as possible. Results are devastating! Mere three posts in three years.

Two previous posts about PinePhone were an attempt to share a state of things in an ongoing project. I felt uneasy posting them due to that exact reason. Projects were ongoing, which means it's not finished. AAaaaa!

At work, it's perfectly normal to share progress. We almost have to do it to be productive. It's natural. Here it feels different. No team. No senior management. No one to sync up with. So I thought at least. Boy, oh boy, I was wrong.

You, my dear reader, are the one!

From now on I plan to post regularly. Hopes are quantity will eventually improve quality. I don't intend to keep posts up to date though. It's not a wiki, it's just a small blog.

Right now blog section of this site leaves a lot to be desired! We have to work on the look and feel of it. Definitely add RSS or some other type of feed. Nevertheless, all of it is useless without actual content, so a whole load is planned, and I sincerely hope that it's coming. Some SSH related fun, ZFS setup example/story, all the interesting guts of this site in its current form. Maybe even some travel stories!